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Mr. Marc Ranc and his partner met as a prosecutor at the local prosecutor's office. They have been certified as officers after years of experience representing Texas. They and Chris Horab have practiced there to help people facing criminal charges.

Established in 1998


In Hynes's law firm, Rank & Amplifier; Holub provides the following defense to those who need to make a criminal statement: Agency/Closed felony crime juvenile crime &Assault; Family Violence DWI drug offense white-collar crime sexual offense theft offense violent crime Prison Release/Warrant federal crime Our practice is focused and effective. Contact us now.

Mark Rank is the leader of the legal community in Williamson County. He is the past chairman of the Wilco Bar Association. He is trusted and respected by both the prosecutor and the judge.

Marc R.





What are you looking for in a lawyer? I imagine the result and the peace of mind. From HRH Law Firm  I got all the above more. I lost my job and made a mistake that many people around me threatened to kill me. When I didn't have hope, they appeared at my house and waved to take care of me. They fulfilled the promise. They took my case on the team and finally won a miraculous deal. They continued to fight and hit home runs even after a victory that made me out of prison. After facing years of imprisonment charges, they now offer community services and do not cause trouble. They literally saved my life. Each client they have is treated very respectfully and meticulously, so I actually feel that I'm their only client.

And if you don't become rich, you won't be able to buy such people. They have provided the means to hold them throughout the process, surrounding me and my life. They worked with me in many ways. Because at the end of the day, I was asked to bring my life back, just like I did.

If you don't know what to do when you're in trouble, call me and tell me what I mean! Before they met, they went to many people and were afraid that Hynes, Rank and Love would never fall down. If freedom is important and results are needed, this is not the best team. So, if you don't think you have enough hope to call them and give them confidence, they will keep my promise and give me the chance to do something against you that seemingly seems impossible.

01/03/2021 09:08am