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Alejandro is proud to protect customers across Austin, including Travis, Williamson and Hayes counties. He believes that everyone is eligible for ardent defense, and using his knowledge and experience, he confirms that it is for the customer.

Established in 2017


Alejandro Martínez's law firm, PLLC, is a law firm working in Georgetown, Texas. PLLC is an expert on crime defense and a local community & I've been with someone for years. It is important to have lawyers who are familiar with the laws of the surrounding area and have experienced all forms of criminal defense. We are proud of our experience and success in defending our customers. We are confident that we can provide our customers with the best possible results in the legal situation by providing guidance during this uncertain period. Call a lawyer you can trust!

Alejandro Martínez has obtained a prosecutor's license to serve as Prosecutor and Amplifier of the Dallas City and for four years served as Prosecutor and Amplifier of the Williamson County office. He is well-versed in the methods and methods of thinking of the prosecution as well as the evaluation of cases, negotiation, trial preparation and trial procedures.

Alejandro is fighting on the client side with his comprehensive understanding of Texas criminal charges. His career is your strength, and if there is a legal problem in your case, Alejandro will find it.

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