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Morales & From the moment we pass through the door, Mr. Sparks, you will find that the motto of our law firm, "Treated like a family and protected like a family," is more than just a slogan. Management partners Mark Morales and Julie Sparks have established the company on the basis of the slogan and are still following the company. We know how hard it is to find a lawyer who can satisfy us, and how hard it is to find a lawyer who can trust us. Morales & amp; Sparks, I hope you will be treated with dignity and respect, and we will do all we can to get your best results. Whether it's criminal or immigration, we'll help. Please contact us for free consultation today.

Established in 2003


Morales & amp; Sparks: Our customers are "treated like family and protected like family." Prioritize your customers and ensure that you have an incredible success rate for some of the best immigrants and lawyers. We are dedicated to getting the best possible results for everyone walking in our house. Let's talk for free!

Mark Morales has personally defended more than 3,000 people of both felony and lese majesty in Williamson County, where he has worked closely with judges and prosecutors since he became a defense counsel more than 10 years ago. Now all those who hold our company can benefit from their own experience and reputation as crime lawyers. In April 2013, Texas Monthly Magazine chose Mark as one of the top lawyers in Super Lover Rising Star and Texas. Less than 2.5% of Texas lawyers receive this honor. This honor is based on the recognition of the company and professional achievements.  

" A few years ago, I received a question from my client. ' What would you do if you were in my place? ' and I think that's why I'm successful, whether I'm fighting for my family or for my customers, or whether I'm fighting for them or not. "   - Mark Morales

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Mark has helped me solve the legal problem for the last 10 years. He is sure to go to my lawyer. We are now in the middle of an incident that relates to prison time. I think it's true to see inside the prison for the first time in 53 years  Potential Having a husband, father, landlord, and job will completely tear up what I have accomplished over the years. I have a lot to thank and a lot to lose. Therefore, if I am the kind, kind, and God who has left the matter to Marks, I would absolutely recommend him to be a man and a lawyer

12/30/2020 09:52am



Don't approach this swindler...They used our money to fill out the papers and decided not to help them any more, but they said they would help us.

12/29/2020 02:14am



I was accused, but I wasn't arrested yet. I reached for Mark. He gave me advice and helped me talk to the investigator, so he finally made it easier for me to drop my suit. Obviously, this is a very great relief, and I am forever thankful for having helped me at that terrible time.

12/25/2020 08:05pm



Some lawyers are late for the court schedule, others are capable and others are capable.
In my case I did not fight, I received the same arrangement before hiring a lawyer.
Save money and hire others.

12/28/2020 08:03pm