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He graduated from law school in 1994 in Williamson County from 1996 and continued his practice through the middle of Texas. Russia is always a criminal lawyer and never prosecuted those accused of crimes. From 2000, he has been qualified as an executive officer under the Penal Code and since 1995, he has been licensed to practice in federal courts. He has conducted numerous jury trials including numerous death penalty killings, killings, aggravated assault, sexual crime, DWI and drug possession cases.

Established in 1994

Russia was born at a German U.S. military base, raised in Waco, Texas, and attended Austin College and University of Texas Law School. After

Law School, I practiced with my father Las Hunt in Wako and learned the practice of criminal defense.  Two to three years later, Russ moved her family to Georgetown, and later lived in Georgetown, Austin, and Round Rock.

Russell H.
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